God Life Us


Today I Pray

Today I Pray because I have so much to say
Lord first I thank You for waking me on this day
You woke me up which you really didn’t have to do
Yet You did it and for that I truly thank You
Today Lord I pray acknowledging all you have done for me
For opening my eyes and letting me see
That no matter what each day may bring
It is a Blessing to softly sing
Praises and Glory to You above
Filled With Thankfulness, gratitude and so much love
Today I Pray from the bottom of my heart
Lord letting you know from you I will never part!

Enjoy God’s Greatest Gift….Life!

The Battle Is Not Yours But His

We all have those times when we struggle with health, anger, belief, our children and just life in general. Things may seem so hard for you at times, you wonder how you will make through. You find yourself feeling there isn’t anyone you can turn to for answers or comfort but know there is. Our Heavenly Father, He is the answer to all of your needs. He is the one that will carry your burdens for you no matter what.

When things look bleak so often we feel lost and many of us feel absolutely alone. We can’t seem to find comfort from pain, answers to complicated questions or directions when your path seems uncertain. We feel overwhelmed and stressed spending so much time trying to bring things together on our own. Our best answer, direction and peace comes from the Lord. He is the One who will take the load, lead the way and fight the battle.

So when you feel alone or feel you can’t go on, remember there is someone who is with you unconditionally at all times. Just call on Him. The struggle is not yours but His.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

Our Father

Our Father, let me never forget to pray

To thank you for each and every day

To give you Praise for truly loving me

In spite of not always being a faithful child to Thee

Our Father, I thank you for your Loving Son

The one You gave so your Will would be done

To save the world but not only me

Our Father, it is there for us all to see

Just how much You love and want to save all of us

But it is in You that we must trust

Our Father, which art in Heaven I love you so

I’m just here to honor You and to let you know!

May God shine His love and Blessing on you all.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!

God’s Blessing

My heart is filled with joy, emotion and love and as I think of the time I have spent worrying and hoping that I would be okay after going through a somewhat difficult time and finding out everything is okay.

Let me clarify. Since getting covid back in 2021, I’ve experienced chest problems and I’ve had to go to emergency visits to get checked out. Every time I visit, I was assured I was fine yet my issues continues. Each time the tests indicated I was fine. The year before, I had further tests requested, but for some reason, the orders weren’t forwarded to me for follow-up. This time I instructed to see to it that the exams get done.

Despite my prayers, the dread, the concern and fear overcame me. In all honesty, I think we all do deal with this a lot of the time. I let those things sneak right in. Even though I experienced pain some times, I continued to pray and fine solace, which helped to calm my fears. God has been my solace throughout it all and although I won’t sit here and claim that I didn’t let concern creep in, I did know that He was and still is the solution.

I have been testing all week and yesterday was the final one. Everything went well, I’m happy to report. My prayers were heard by God. He resolved my concerns for me. Let His Will Be Done was the request I made to Him. If I’m not okay, let them find out what is wrong and assist us in fixing it, but instead He made it even better, I am fine.

As I say with tears flowing, I am grateful and thankful to God for being there and I will say to you, if your burdens get heavy and worry creeps in, God is there for you also, He is a prayer away.

Be Bless!

Thank You God For Another Day

Father I thank You for another day. Today was not promised but You allowed me to be here. I cannot tell You how grateful I am.

I thank You for Your Grace, Mercy, Blessings and Favor. These are my thoughts to You this morning in these trying times. I love You dearly!

Embrace God’s greatest Gift……Life!

When I Look Towards Heaven

Oh what a beautiful day it is. Have you had those days when you looked towards Heaven and thought to yourself how wonderful it is to be alive. How wonderful it is just to see another day. How beautiful the sky is even when it’s cloudy and what’s beyond those clouds. I have and it’s a feeling of gratitude. I feel so Blessed to say “Lord I thank you for allowing me the awe of looking towards Heaven to You”. Something that is as simple as a look towards the sky.

When I look at thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which Thou has established; God has allowed us so much. Life is a gift. I take such joy in taking in the freshness of the morning breeze through my window. I look at the green grass and I often cry because I feel so Blessed to be able to wake up once again just to be able to do that. I know for some this may sound silly. Considering today’s climate, it really isn’t. Another day is a treasure. I’m so thankful, God is good. When I look towards Heaven it is a silent whisper to Him of thanks.

When I look towards Heaven, Father I thank You
I am so grateful that I am able too
When I look towards Heaven I sometimes close my eyes
Because I know you can sense my silent cries
Whether of joy, whether of pain
My look towards Heaven helps me to sustain
When I look towards Heaven I feel Your love
Because I know in my heart You are watching and protecting from above

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!

Father I’m So Grateful


Are you afraid with all that’s going. I have to honestly say I have been and if I’m completely honest, I still have my moments when I do worry. But that is the human side of us. This is where you turn to prayer. Turn to the things that can bring you peace, God and Prayer.

In life you can really let things spiral out of control to the point that it can really affect your health. That happened to me. It actually affected my blood pressure and it took me a while to figure out it was related to the stress of dealing with things that are happening to us right now and the fact that I was so afraid. I knew something had to change and knew there was only one way that I could make that change. I turned to God and asked Him to help me get my life in control.

I began to pray like I have never prayed before or maybe I have but it really changed things for me. I found my quiet place and I found Him. Not saying I didn’t know God before but I’m saying that He heard me and He answered me. More times than I can count. God is a good God and all you have to do is seek Him and For that I am so Grateful.

Grateful because I could still be spiraling down a road of stress and confusion which leads to all kind of health issues and other issues. I have to say Thank You Father for making me better. I am so Grateful.

Lord I am so grateful you saved me
You took care of me and made me see
That all I needed was to trust in You
To walk with me and see me through
You held me up when I was broken down
You lifted me up when I was trouble bound
Without Your help I saw myself falling apart
But you came to me and healed health and heart
I am so grateful and so filled with love
To my One and Only Father from Heaven Above.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift….Life!

You Matter To God

You matter to our Heavenly Father above
Simply because we are the children He loves
He shows us each and every day
As He guides us safely along our way
He supplies all of our daily needs
And listens as we quietly pleads
For forgiveness of our wrongs and sins
Allowing us to start afresh once again
We matter to God, that we should never forget
He is our Savior, haven’t you realized it yet
So that is why I’ve boldly spoken
Of a promise forever, one that won’t be broken

Father I Have You To Always Call On

Hello everyone. We all have those times when we feel so alone and not sure what to do but the best thing in the world is to turn to God. He is there for us always. All we have to do is talk to Him and listen as He speaks to us.

I get tired and I don’t know what to do
Wait a minute, that is not true
I turn to You Father and began to pray
Asking You to help me through my day
I’m feeling so sad, alone and filled with worry
You said, slow down, talk to Me don’t hurry
What’s on your mind that has you this way
So much, too much, for me to say
You said I’m here, take your time, I’m always here for you
Just talk to Me and I’ll see you through
Lord my burdens are heavy and so hard to bear
You said my child, be humble, I’m here, I care
I’ll help you through what’s troubling your mind
And release you from all that has you in a bind
For I will never leave you or forsake you as I said
So there is nothing that should ever cause you such dread
I am your Holy Father who takes care of your all
And I said, Thank You Father, so glad I had You to call.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

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